Our Dogs

Get to know our canine volunteers! All our furry friends are dogs of local UC Berkeley students, alumni and faculty members!

Enough talk, here they are… Our PMH Superstars!


Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Birthday: November 20, 2012

Sex: Male

Traits: will bark if not getting enough attention


English Cream Golden Retriever

Birthday: March 9, 2019

Sex: Male

Traits: likes to sleep on the job


Miniature Poodle

Birthday: June 14, 2012

Sex: Male

Traits: professional chonky broccoli impersonator


German shepherd, Pit bull & Chow Chow Mix

Birthday: May 8, 2018

Sex: Female

Traits: will happily trade humans for squirrels


Great Pyrenees

Birthday: ≈ 2015

Sex: Male

Traits: certified BIG boy


German Shepherd

Birthday: February 13, 2021

Sex: Male

Traits: it’s never NOT playtime 🙂


Golden Retriever

Birthday: August 8, 2019

Sex: Female

Traits: Bilingual(English & 中文) O_O

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