Meet the Team

Get to know the people running PMH behind the scenes!

Board Officers

Destiny Hsieh

Executive Chair

Destiny is a senior at Cal, majoring in Cognitive Science and Psychology and minoring in Education. Besides PMH, Destiny helps high schoolers with their college applications as an Upward Bound teaching associate and recruits for SmartNews. Among the PMH crew, she is also known as a foodie.

Catch her always snooping on Yelp for the latest restaurants!

Desiree Wang

Vice Executive Chair

Desiree is a junior at Cal, majoring in the field of Cognitive Science. In addition to PMH, she is a college advisor for Matriculate and volunteers as a peer counselor for Student-to-Student Peer Counseling. She is the top dog when it comes to PMH’s digital media. Speaking of top dogs, Desiree loves nothing more than her Golden Retriever, Prince.

Except maybe boba.

Andrea Castresana

Outreach Chair

Andrea is a third year legal studies major at Cal, and is the Head lead of PMH’s Outreach committee. In her free time, Andrea enjoys making attempts at creating latte art.

She’s also a regular at your local Chipotle. Yeah, that’s right YOUR local.

Kevin Kim

Digital Media Chair

Kevin is a 2nd year majoring in Architecture at UC Berkeley. In his free time, he likes to go to the movies, try new foods, and wake up at unhealthily early times to watch live games of soccer.

He’s also super funny and charming and charismatic and pretty much just awesome at everything. He also may or may not be running this website.

Lindsey Li

Finance Chair

Lindsey is a sophomore majoring in Data Science at Cal. A perfect day for Lindsey is one that involves reading while snuggling up next to her dog, Chia. But who wouldn’t? Look at all that fluffiness!

Lizette Sandoval

Digital Media Chair

Lizette is a junior at UC Berkeley majoring in Sociology. Some of the things Liz enjoys include sipping on coffee, taking aesthetic photos for the ‘gram, and shopping for bargains at thrift stores.

Oh, and of course, hanging out with dogs. Duh.

Jodie Kuang

Outreach Chair

Jodie is a freshman intending to major in economics. In her spare time, she enjoys crocheting, binge watching Netflix, and spending time with her dogs (don’t tell them that she also loves hanging out with Trouper and Comet) !


Amy Lee

Amy is a Cal sophomore majoring in Econ and Media Studies, as well as minoring in Data Science. Amy’s life revolves around 3 things: bingeing k-dramas and sitcoms, making jewelry out of beads, and of course, cuddling her dog!

Mason Munoz

Mason is a freshman intending to major in Psychology and minor in science and math education. He’s a spicy boy—there’s no such thing as too much sriracha. Mason also enjoys long walks, sleeping in hammocks and decorating his wall with weird items.

Past Board Teams